Dear All,

 I promised to keep everyone informed as best I could in these unprecedented times and following on from the reopening of most golf courses it seemed an appropriate time for a further bulletin albeit some of our members are still following the government’s advice and in a period of 12-week isolation. For those that are out playing, I hope you’re enjoying the challenge and new vistas.

Today the SOHGC Committee has agreed to amend our previously published strategy (Click revised situation), regrettably, we have come to the decision to cancel all this season’s matches, which was probably happening by default but also to cancel formally the Inter-Club Liaison Officers Meeting at Moor Park and the Crameri Cup which your Hon Treasurer does an excellent job of organising. The Mixed Away Trip in June has now also been canceled by default and a new date set for the corresponding weekend in June 2021 when we hope 20 couples will attend.

The AGM is still in abeyance as is a decision on when your Captain elect takes office. Whenever a clear timeline becomes apparent I will ensure I cascade it out in plenty of time. I am currently in discussions with all the various counties we play to discuss how we should structure next season in the hope that we will be back playing golf across the country.

 As always I am happy to answer any queries as best I can.

 I wish everyone well and stay safe.

 Kind Regards,