On a very warm day, having made our way through the North London traffic to Muswell Hill Golf Club, we received a warm welcome from the staff and our hosts, London Captains.  This was the first match between the two Societies for two years, previous meetings were either abandoned or canceled due to Covid 19.

The banter started between the teams of 8 on and around the first tee particularly when we could not find our past Secretary, some suggested we look for someone with an empty glass.  All was eventually sorted and off we went, mostly into unknown territory, the first hole catching a number of players out, the fairway disappearing into a dip with a  large gradient to the right rough grass. There were some very tight matches that went down to the wire, other pairings on both sides seemingly losing what appeared to be easy matches.  The end game, of course, is about having a social time, it is never just about winning!   After the match, it was great to find good showers to cool us down after the heat of the day. Then to sit down to a nice two-course meal and over coffee listen to speeches from our Captain Neil and his counterpart the Vice President who informed us of the results for the day, a win for Hertfordshire 5 1/2  – 2 1/2.   

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